Building a good future for me & Jen in Waldorf

For me the greatest part about being a certified Heating & A/C worker is that I am not tied down to one dealer, task, or area, my education, my wisdom, & my skills are fully transferable, which means I can use them anywhere I go in the world, but i started off learning the basics of the industry in the deep south, & gradually worked my way north; When I passed through the neighborhood of Waldorf, MD, I decided to stop & see what it was like.

There was something about the atmosphere of Waldorf that intrigued me… & also there was a cute young man laboring the root budweiser truck outside my flop house, his name was Jen, he had lived in Waldorf all his life, & I fell in cherish with his at first sight.

If you know anything about Waldorf, you know it’s still pretty young for a city… Jen was almost 30 years old, which makes his only a little bit younger than Waldorf itself. The good thing about living here for me was that I got all the Heating & A/C work I could handle, then since I was Heating & A/C certified I was given subconstrcing tasks by three weird companies, because Waldorf is growing so quickly the construction industry can barely keep up with it. Thanks to an abundance of Heating & A/C work I was able to transport out of the flop home & rent a nice Waldorf home within 2 weeks, however at that point I asked Jen to transport in with me. I’m not sure what will happen next, however it’s been a good ride so far.