I called labor to say I wasn't coming in

I’ve been working at a diner in downtown Jacksonville, FL for the past 3 months, i started working at the diner right after the Summer season begin, however when I first started working at the diner, the AC component worked fine! The diner has commercial central air conditioner, but there is a single mini split AC component in the family room part for the staff.

The family room is quite big & I do not assume that one air conditioner component is enough for all of that square footage & people. I have been feeling genuinely sick & nauseous every evening that I am at work… Between the Heat of the oven & the flames from the grill, there is not enough cool air to actually make the temperature colder. It’s absolutely 110° in the back of that downtown Jacksonville, FL diner. When the a/c broke down last evening, I told my boss that I wasn’t coming back to labor unless it was fixed. I called one of my friends that works the day shift at the diner. I asked if there was a service person at the diner or if the AC component had been fixed, then my neighbor informed me that it was still 100° in the back of the diner, then since the troubles with the a/c weren’t fixed, I called labor to tell my boss that I wasn’t coming in for my shift. My boss actually sounded surprised, however I warned him that I wasn’t going to labor in the heat & humidity any longer.

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