I was happy after smoking marijuana most of the day

I usually have to work every weekend at the marijuana shop nearby, but last weekend I had Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday off, but i was supposed to go to a family wedding with my mom and dad.

I told my boss that I needed the days off, because my mom and dad were hounding me to go to the wedding! The wedding was on the other side of Oregon, and we were planning to spend the whole weekend.

The last minute, my mom’s sister called off the wedding and broke up with the guy. I had the whole weekend off and we didn’t have to drive to timbuktu. I had to go to a unusual marijuana shop in Portland when I needed more supplies. I planned to get marijuana from a unusual dispensary on our way to the location. When I had to cancel my plans, I didn’t want my boss to ask me to work on the weekend. I wanted to savor the entire weekend hanging out in Portland with my friends. I needed more supplies in order to have a nice weekend, so I went to a marijuana shop on the other side of Portland where no one would know me or anyone in my family. I genuinely could have ordered using a delivery center, but I was paranoid that the driver would turn out to be someone that I know. I’ve been in the marijuana company in Portland for a while and I know all the people on my side of the city. I didn’t want to take any chances.