The girl was sleeping in the parking lot

Homelessness is a pretty big complication in the town of Denver, during the summer time months when it is warm, there are a lot of people sleeping in the streets, however from time to time, there are people sleeping in the parking lot at the marijuana dispensary where I work.

I have been working at the marijuana dispensary for 6 months.

I only recently started seeing homeless people sleeping in the parking lot. The owner of the marijuana shop told us to call the police if there were any people sleeping in the parking lot overnight. The girl wants to make sure that the parking lot & the marijuana dispensary are safe. I absolutely don’t feel that a homeless woman is going to take the time to cut into a marijuana shop, although I can see why my boss wants things to stay like that. When I came to work at the Denver marijuana dispensary on Thursday day, I immediately noticed a bum sleeping in the back of the parking lot. I told my boss as soon as I walked into the building & she told me that she was going to call the police. I immediately felt exhausting for saying anything at all. I offered to take the girl to a homeless shelter, but she disappeared into the wooded area behind that marijuana dispensary. I’m sure the girl will be back again, because there are only so several parking lots in Denver where there is no security overnight. My nice friend and I happen to be one of those arenas that are empty all evening long.


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