We enjoyed all of our time together

My wifey moved to Albuquerque for work & I only get to see her every other month! Sometimes she flies to Phoenix & sporadically I go to see her, but last weekend my wifey & I spent our time in Phoenix… My buddy and I went to a couple of sites that I prefer… I particularly wanted to make our time together particularly special, and one of the sites that I took my wifey to was the Desert Botanical gardens, and this is a wonderful locale for hiking & walking & having picnics.

My wifey & I walked some of the attractive trails & took a self-guided tour.

My buddy and I spent most of the afternoon at the Desert Botanical gardens. My buddy and I had supper at a southwestern locale that serves authentic cuisine. Later that afternoon, my buddy and I decided to go back to my apartment. Temperatures in the cabin were harshly moderate & humid. I left the air conditioning thermostat set at 68°, because it was cool outside when my buddy and I left. Temperatures had gotten warmer in Phoenix since earlier that afternoon & now it was quite moderate outside. I adjusted the temperature on the thermostat & it instantly got cooler inside of my apartment. I like the cool uneven temperatures a lot better than my wifey does… She prefers the uneven temperatures to be much warmer, and as soon as I adjusted the temperature on the thermostat, she complained & got a jacket from my closet. I would have normally turned the temperature back up, although I knew it was only going to get warmer & the uneven temperatures in Phoenix were going to be over 100 degrees the next afternoon.

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