We smoked medical marijuana before going to the baseball game

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble when I am in a crowd of people. I get anxiety absolutely plus I have panic attacks from time to time. It’s legitimately crucial to still live a healthy plus cheerful social life, so I started using medical marijuana as soon as it was legalized in PA. I was lucky to live in Philadelphia, because the large village was one of the first locales to get a medical marijuana dispensary! The medical marijuana dispensary didn’t advertise at all in the beginning, so you had to live close by to hear about it, and my friends plus I passed by the building for weeks plus even months, before the dealer actually opened to the public, but now I go to that medical marijuana shop in Philadelphia every time my friends plus I go to the baseball game. The baseball venue is a few blocks away from the Philadelphia medical marijuana dispensary‚Ķ Last month when my friends plus I went to the baseball game, my associate and I stopped at the dispensary to opportunity up medical marijuana. I was already feeling upset plus anxious about the crowded venue plus I knew it was a enjoyable idea to get high before my associate and I went inside. My pal and I smoked a marijuana joint that was a hybrid strain called Girl Scout cookies. I also bought a whole bucket of edibles so I could continue to medicate duringside of the venue. It would have been easy for people to smell marijuana burning, but no one knew that I was sneaking edibles every 15 minutes.


Medical Weed Philadelphia