Three afternoons at Disney for the children

I always take some of the tours, but I end up in the drive-thru safari

My hubby and I had been getting pestered for two years about going to Disney World in Orlando, FL, however our kids have wanted to go since they were old enough to say Mickey Mouse, and this was the year we were going, then i went online and got an amazing price for one week in a suite at one of the local hotels. My pal and I got three-day passes that allowed us to stay at one Disney park, or visit three unusual Disney parks, but my pal and I had four afternoons to do anything we wanted during Orlando, FL. By the end of the three afternoon pass, our kids wanted a change, then they wanted to stay in the hotel and play games in the arcade. They were weary of being out in the sunlight and ninety degree weather. They wanted to spend an entire afternoon playing video games and wonderful in the air conditioning. My pal and I ate at the restaurant that was in the hotel, and made reservations for a family date night at the local mystery theater restaurant. My pal and I completed our three-day pass in the Disney theme parks, and had our one afternoon in the hotel; Now, we were ready to experience everything else Orlando had to give, but fine restaurants, tours of Evercheerfules by airboat, and even some creature preserves. I guarantee you won’t be bored. I always take some of the tours, but I end up in the drive-thru safari. My kids cherish feeding the giraffes, and we don’t need to get out of the car. The windows are down and the air conditioning is running.


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