USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial was boring

Since Sioux Falls, SD is a landlocked state, there was no way to get the USS South Dakota Battleship to the state. It wasn’t until they demolished the battle ship that there was a occasion of bringing it Sioux Falls… That’s when a group of volunteers organized plus acquired access to part of the battleship. They carefully plus thoroughly they put the parts together plus turned it into a museum. The small museum gives you the option to experience what it felt like to serve plus confrontation during WWII, plus what life was like on the ship. There are volunteers who are cheerful to tell you all about the ship plus the battles she was involved in. I thought the ship was amazing, plus it was free. They tell you donations are loved, because it pays for the upkeep of the USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial museum. The first time my father went to see the USS Dakota Battleship, it was winter, plus it wasn’t open. I’m assuming it was closed because of how chilly it gets in Sioux Falls. I don’t know if they don’t have heating on the ship, although I don’t know if they have A/C either, since I went in the fall this year. It disappointed my father that there weren’t placards that talked about some sights, although I was cheerful. I couldn’t imagine life on the battleship. I promised dad that the next time he came to visit, it would need to be during the Spring or fall; He told me the next time he came to visit, it would be to stay, plus that would be earlier this fall.

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