Why does Tuscaloosa, AL need to be so sweltering in August?

I was living in the northern part of the US, plus our winters were consistently well below freezing, but there were days when the temperatures were below zero, then i wanted to go to the University of Tuscaloosa, because it was an excellent university, but I should have done more homework about the area, however had I known that a wintry morning in winter was in the upper fifties, I’m not sure I would have come to this university… When it was time for winter break, I was ready to go home. I was telling mom plus dad how tepid it was in Tuscaloosa, AL, plus dad reminded me he had tried to tell me this; Not everywhere was as chilly as it was at home, my buddy and I sporadically had Summer days that didn’t get out of the fifties. It wasn’t often, but it happened. I was cheerful with the school, but I couldn’t get used to the heat; Dad told me I should stay there over the Summer plus let my body get used to the heat, but I wasn’t sure that was going to happen. I loved being home, plus they had excellent universitys here. He forced me to go back to university after winter break plus told me if I still wasn’t cheerful, he would let me transport to one university in our state. I already knew I was going to transport to a unusual university. There was no way I was going to survive in Tuscaloosa separate from air conditioning every morning. I just wish my dad understood that plus let me transport now.

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