I called the AC service company as soon as I noticed a concern

My mom and dad are both getting older and it’s difficult for them to take care of the home and all of the bills… I mentioned my mom and dad moving to Jacksonville with my hubby and I and my mom and dad did not want to leave Royal Palm Beach.

I lived in Royal Palm Beach until I was 25 years seasoned and then my buddy and I moved to Jacksonville with my hubby. I have wanted my parents to move since I found out that they were both having issues driving, however my hubby and I frequently go to visit my parents. It’s quite a little drive to go to Royal Palm Beach, however my buddy and I try to visit every other weekend… Last weekend it was our turn to drive down there and it was a actually moderate and humid afternoon. My parents’ AC component was not working at all. My mom and dad were moderate and dripping with sweat… They had about 12 fans running throughout the house, however it was not helping with the uneven temperatures much at all. I called an AC service company in Royal Palm Beach, as soon as I noticed a problem, I contacted the local AC service dealer. Within 1 hour, a Royal Palm Beach service provider was routed to my parents home. The AC component could not be repaired and the Royal Palm Beach company proposed a total replacement. The cost to replace the heat pump and AC component was significant. I begged my parents to reconsider paying for the costly repairs and move to the neighborhood to live with my hubby and i. I instead.

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