My aunt has a zoned air conditioner in her Bethlehem, PA home

About 10 years ago, I packed up my apartment in the northeastern part of the country and moved to Bethlehem, PA. I was so tired of the snow that I decided to move to a city where the chances of snow are slim to none. In fact, the last time it snowed in Bethlehem, PA was in 1933, and the amount was barely measurable. Don’t get me wrong, I do have family in Bethlehem, PA as well, and I have visited the city before and spent time here. So, I didn’t just blindly choose Bethlehem, PA, there was a method to my madness. When I first moved, I lived with my aunt in her home. She lived alone and had lots of extra rooms in the house. I loved her house because my room was in a separate wing from hers, so it felt like I had my own private residence. And one thing that I enjoyed the most was that I had control of my own air conditioning. Because of her zoned A/C system, I had my own thermostat that was separate from hers. This worked out nicely because she liked her thermostat set to 70 degrees during the day. I thought that was a bit cold as I wasn’t used to having central air conditioning. My apartment up north had a window A/C, and I used fans in parts of my apartment that had no window unit. So, I was used to living in a warmer space. My aunt, on the other hand, enjoyed a cooler home. So, the zoned air conditioning worked out for us because of the separate thermostat controls.


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