The A/C repair supplier drove out from Phoenix

I have a locale that is about 30 miles outside of Phoenix village limits, the piece of house was genuinely inhigh-priced, because it is in the middle of nowhere, but i rely on solar for all of my electricity needs. I also have a windmill on my property. I have an A/C machine in my home that runs on solar. I have been fixing all of the little complications that come up from time to time, however yesterday the A/C machine stopped working all together as well as I was unable to figure out a solution to the problem. I called a couple of locales in Phoenix that offer A/C repairs as well as repair… Most of the locales were unwilling to drive out to my house because it is 30 miles outside of Phoenix. I was going through a list of companies calling each listed number. I called the 10th number on the list as well as the Phoenix A/C repair supplier agreed to drive out to my home. The Phoenix A/C repair supplier charged me a fee for the driving distance, however if I paid for the repair, the fee was waived. I ended up using the Phoenix A/C repair supplier to update my system with a much nicer solar cooling system that is quite an update. The A/C repair supplier came back the next afternoon to install the equipment. Not only did the supplier not charge me for either one of the trips that they made to my home, however they also gave me a 20% discount for allowing them to videotape the process for their youtube channel.


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