The office manager called someone to help

Temperatures in the office have been very warm and humid during the last couple of months.

Since spring began, and has been uncomfortably warm inside of the building.

A couple of people complained to the office manager about the temperatures, but nothing was ever done to remedy the problem. Orland Park had a significant heatwave last week and temperatures inside of the office work close to 80°. I was happy to see that the office manager finally decided to do something about the problem once and for all. He called an Orland Park heating and AC repair service. The same day that she called, the Orland Park service provider arrived. The service team from Orland Park spent most of the day looking at the heating and AC components in the office. The next day, the service technicians came back to the building with ducting. They spend all day replacing pieces of ducting in the building. I heard from another co-worker that the ductwork was falling apart in several different places. I don’t know if that is true or not, but it makes sense. The Orland Park service team members did a great job with the repairs. The team worked quickly and methodically and didn’t leave any large mess when they were done at the end of the day. We don’t have any complaints about the indoor temperatures now and it seems like there is a much stronger air flow coming out of the vents. The ducting must have fixed the issues, because the indoor air quality is better than ever thanks to the changes.

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