The updated A/C is going to be installed tomorrow

I went to school at the University of Alabama which is located in Tuscaloosa… After I graduated, I took a task laboring at the school as a teacher; I teach mathematics to freshmen plus sophomores at the school.

I have an office on the second floor of the building, but for the past couple of years, I have complained about the indoor air rapidly changing temperatures in my office.

I have the office all the way at the end of the building plus I am the farthest away from the air conditioner unit, and the central air conditioner never seemed to blow at full force in my office, last week, the manager of my department came to meet with me plus the guy almost had a heat stroke because it was so warm in my office. I told the manager that I had been complaining for a long time however no one was doing anything about it. The next day the service department was in my office measuring for a new ductless mini-split unit. I didn’t honestly expect the manager to get a special air conditioner just for me, although I am honestly happy that he did. The new A/C component is going to be installed tomorrow. All of my classes were canceled plus I am going to take the day off. I’m still going to have office hours in the late afternoon, however I’m going to spend the day walking around the campus plus the rest of Tuscaloosa. It’s been a long time since I had a day to prefer the city plus I’m honestly looking forward to the short break. I’m also looking forward to the new AC.



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