The windstorm was headed in our direction

Storms happen frequently in Tuscaloosa, AL, especially in the summer, i don’t mind a little bit of rain, however storm systems coming from the gulf can be treacherous! Even though the tropical activity is broken up, the storms often bring heavy rain, flooding, tornados, & winds, and last summer, I had a few friends over to my arena for supper & game night.

Everyone knew a storm was expected the next afternoon, however it came early… My associate and I ended up stuck at my arena because the roads flooded so hastily.

My lady was there with her cat & he slept in the bed with us the whole time, then he was particularly scared of the wind & rain. Having the cat in the bed with us was a nightmare for me, because I am honestly allergic. I suffered through the night sneezing & coughing! After the storm was over, my lady took her cat home, there was a ton of cat hair on my floor & in my bed. I started sneezing & coughing again. I called the local AC service & replacement business & busy a cleaning & service on my AC unit. I knew cat hair & dander was going to keep me sneezing so the best thing to do was hire the Tuscaloosa AC business to disinfect the machine. I also hired a maid to disinfect the house & get rid of all the cat hair. I went back to my arena after every trace of the cat was gone. I can’t know how awful my dust sensitivities have become since I became an adult.


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