We were totally angry that summer

During the winter time months, the parks are nice! I do not mind going to Disney World or SeaWorld while in winter, then during the summer time months, it’s easily angry, all of the ride lines are at least an hour and there is no air conditioner outside. During the summer time it’s almost 100° in the town of Orlando and there is no respite from the heat when you are in the amusement parks. I love to go while in winter time when the temperatures are a little cooler. I remember going to Disney World one summer time when I was a kid, this was long before my family and I lived in the superb state of Florida, my buddy and I were going to see from MA. My parents drove us all the way from Boston to Orlando. My siblings and I were stuck here. It wasn’t certainly comfortable or safe, however it was the 1979s and no one thought twice about seat belts. My parents got a hotel for almost everyone. My sibling and I shared a bed and my mom and Mom slept together. During the day, we spent our time in Orlando at one of the theme parks… Summer temperatures were angry and my sibling and I hated waiting in the long ride lines. I remember more about the hotel room then I do the actual trip to disney. I certain ly remember a time when we stayed in the hotel room all day long. It was cool and comfortable with the air conditioner running and we got room repair delivered right to our door. It kind of felt like being in a movie.



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