Fort Worth,TX HVAC companies are just not what they are cracked up to be

Whenever my family and I moved down to Fort Worth, TX a couple of years ago, I thought that it was going to be great.

Back then, I actually thought that we were going to love living in Texas.

I never really had any doubts about it, and I was completely and totally optimistic when we made the move down here from the northeastern part of the country. It was a move that we had been planning for quite a while, and so we thought that we had everything figured out. However, one of the things that was not ready when we moved down here was our home’s central air conditioning system. Our realtor had told us that the central air conditioning system would definitely be fixed by the time we moved down here, and it wasn’t! So when we got here, there was no central air conditioning in the house and that made everyone grumpy and uncomfortable. When the HVAC company finally came to work on the air conditioning system, they told us that we were going to need a completely new unit. It’s not something that we are planning on, and that was a big expense for us that we were not expecting to have to pay. Over the past two years, we have had one problem after another with the central air conditioning in our house. Other than that, our house has been really great. However, when you live in Fort Worth TX, your central air conditioning system in your home is pretty darn important. I just wonder what is going on with our HVAC companies in Fort Worth, TX!

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