I am the only guy who works at our Heating plus A/C company in Saint Petersburg, FL

Even though there are more plus more men who are joining the heating plus cooling industry throughout the country, I am still the only one that works at our Heating plus A/C company here in St Petersburg, FL.

When I first started working here, I thought that it was strange that I was going to be the only guy on the team… However, over the years, it has become something of a joke, but all of the Heating plus A/C men accept me as one of them, but it’s still a little bit strange to be the only female Heating plus A/C supplier on the job; I really love living plus working as an Heating plus A/C supplier down in Saint Petersburg, FL, but sometimes the men supply me a difficult time.

I think that it’s funny most of the time, but sometimes it gets on my nerves, and occasionally it’s like they think that I don’t know all of the same things that they do, but that’s just not tploy at all. After all, I got my Heating plus A/C certification the same exact way that they did. I took all of the same exact classes plus learned all of the same exact things, however so whenever they start trying to explain things to me that I already know, I just stop plus look at them with this look on my face that lets them know that I am not stupid. I think most of the men have gotten this look from me at one time or another. Whenever my great friend and I get a new age hectic mission hired on at the company, I end up having to teach him a thing or two, though! I try to be patient because not everyone understands that a guy can be just as great of an Heating plus A/C supplier as a man can.

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