My mom needs an HVAC repair in Plano, TX, but I live far away

My mom needs to have an HVAC repair done in Plano, TX, but I live too far away from her to help her out.

I work as an HVAC technician, but I live about 12 hours and a time zone away from my mom now so I’m not really any help to her at all.

It is times like these that I wish that we lived closer together because I could just go over to her house and fix her air conditioning issue right now for her at no cost at all. I guess at this point I am just going to have to try and find some help for her because she does not know what she’s doing when it comes to things like this. I know that my mom lives on her own and she is a grown woman, but as her son I feel like I need to take care of her sometimes. I told her that since her air conditioning is broken, I will just call around and try to find a good place in Plano TX that does HVAC repairs. I ended up looking around on the Internet and being on the phone for about three hours the other day to try and find the right heating and cooling repair company for her. As they trained and experienced HVAC technician myself, I don’t trust just anyone when it comes to fixing things and doing HVAC repairs in my mom’s home in Plano TX. I was finally able to find a company that I thought would be able to do things right the first time and they were willing to get it done at a reasonable price.


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