South Bend, IN is not a place you want to live if your furnace isn’t working

I found out the tough way last winter season that South Bend, IN is not easily a place that you want to live in during the winter season if your furnace is not working the right way! I believe I was just too cheap to get the furnace fixed in the fall when I needed to get it done last year, and that was not something that I will ever make the mistake of doing again though! I was having a lot of trouble financially last year plus I just did not know that I was going to be able to make ends meet if I paid a advantage to get my furnace service done, but however, it was right before the winter season when my furnace tore up plus I easily should have just gone ahead plus done it.

I easily do not know what I was thinking. I believe the whole reason that I made that mistake was because last year was my first winter season in South Bend, IN. I easily had no frame of reference when it came to winters at that point because I was coming straight up from the south to live in South Bend, IN for a new job, back where I came from, my associate and I did not easily even need a good furnace during the winter season because the weather never easily got all that cold; Down where I’m from, the coldest that it would get in the winters was usually about 60 degrees. I mean, if you have a little space furnace plus you throw a blanket on top of your bed, you are usually just fine… Let me just say that that is not the case here in South Bend IN. I had no idea about what I was in for when I neglected to get the furnace fixed, though!


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