Ductwork cleaning due to needing the Heating plus Air Conditioning 24/7

Living in Fort Worth, TX means that the AC is on most of the time, however for around 65% of the year I am using my cooling equipment, then around 30% I need the heating system on.

There is only a brief point that I can rely on no Heating plus Air Conditioning and open my windows for a fresh breeze, i am aware that my home is stuffy and the indoor air quality is poor.

I have looked into air purification however it is costly, but you also need to change air filters and do repair on the device. It ends up being quite extravagant, and so what I do instead is just try to be fantastic about my TX air quality. I open the doors and windows when I can. I am on it about calling for Fort Worth Heating plus Air Conditioning service. I also always get air duct cleaning appointments. The ducts are the central highway the treated air goes through. It is easy for dust, hair, dirt, and outdated to get stuck up there. I have a local Fort Worth, TX Heating plus Air Conditioning business that I call for air duct cleaning. They don’t do a clean brush however a vacuum. It sucks up all the dirt and has a camera connected to it. I can watch the progress and see actual proof of what they are doing, however after a air duct cleaning appointment I noticed the difference in my air quality. I don’t sneeze when the heating system turns on or experience itchy eyes in the afternoon. They say you can wait every 5-7 years for a cleaning, although I do it yearly.

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