Ductwork cleaning turned out to be what I needed

Everytime my air conditioning would turn on it would give me a sneezing fit, then i would cough, hack, as well as then sneeze away.

It got to the point where I would carry tissues with me all the time.

I was used to sneezing, snorting, as well as having a runny nose. I blamed dust irritations; When I realized dust sensitivity season for me was basically all year I started doing some googling, however tuscaloosa, AL can’t have pollen floating all the time right? I know the plants don’t go dormant since it doesn’t get cold enough. But surely plants don’t consistently flower. I figured out the pollen heavy seasons as well as that I was still sneezing outside of it. I then called around as well as asked people in town. I realized the culprit was my HVAC duct. The HVAC ducts had gathered pollen, dirt, dust, as well as hair in them. They have stored that gunk as well as everytime the AC turns on, the air blows over it. I then inhale it as well as sneeze… So I called a Tuscaloosa, AL AC dealer to take care of my HVAC duct, ductwork cleaning wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. I pictured them carrying a big scrub brush like they would clean a car. Turns out it is absolutely a vacuum they push up through the many vents. There is a camera linked to it so you can see what is in the HVAC duct as well as what is being unlinked. I got proof the dust was unlinked after the job was done; Now I can breathe definitely again due to clean HVAC duct.

HVAC serviceman in Tuscaloosa Alabama