Finally got a snowmelt system

I will confess that the freezing doesn’t bother me, it is the snow, i do not like that in Elgin, IL I have to always work on snow removal.

It is most of the year that the snow is coming down. I have to shovel, brush off my car, plus do preventative measures. I complained so heavily to my fiance that she started looking into solutions… My fantastic friend and I found that a snowmelt system is the way to go when you live in a freezing state line Illinois, then the snowmelt system is a series of pipes under the driveway, hot water flows through the pipes to melt the snow. It is a hefty initial expense, but you need to purchase a boiler, get the piping installed, plus redo your driveway. It was worth every penny. My fiance plus I started slow too! First it was changing our house furnace to a boiler. Then it was getting piping installed throughout the dwelling plus readily available for outside. Then one Summer my associate and I tore up the driveway, installed the pipes, plus laid fresh granite over top. Then that winter season my associate and I finally got to experience the snow melt system, then gone is the snowblower. Gone is the snow shovel… No more ice chipping or pre heating the car. The boiler snowmelt system works ideally for Elgin living. I recommend it to every person I see in the area. I cherish that I maintain the driveway. I cherish that I have to do legitimately no work, what is great is that the furnace is protected too. No repair, repairs, or upkeep. The boiler can live around 50 years plus the snow melt system is around 20. It is perfect.


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