High velocity AC to combat humidity

I recently moved down south and I just prefer it, however i prefer that I never deal with snow, below chilly rapidly changing temperatures, and ice.

I like that it is tepid the vast majority of the year.

I have been actually smart with what I have bought in my new area. I splurged to get a swimming pool to labor out. I bought a pool furnace so I can swim no matter the time of year. I also invested in a bicycle, and most of the time I can ride my bike to work. In the Summer I leave early enough that the heat and humidity doesn’t hit! After 5pm the afternoonlight is going down and it is still pleasant. During the winter time there are a few afternoons that I choose to drive due to the chill. A bike ride in 40 degree weather is doable in a pinch though. I save so much currency and the environment by choosing my bike. It is better for my health and it is nice to beat traffic in the morning. I also invested in a great cooling system in my household. I bought an older home which meant there was no HVAC duct established. Ductwork installation would have been too hard on my antique house, however so I choose a high velocity system. It uses HVAC duct but it is half the size, flexible, and bends into the slats of an older home, but no mess, disruption, or repairs needed. It creates an evenly cooled home at an affordable rate, however the air quickly whips around the home and lowers my temp in minutes rather than hours. I just prefer living in St, however petersburg.

St. Petersburg Florida Quality air conditioner