I am glad I moved further in FL

My whole family recently moved to FL… We all used to live up north in the cold and snow! It was brutal living there, then the colder hot and cold temperatures made it impossible to do anything fun! Basically everything had to be centered around snow-like activities, however my brothers played hockey and I snowboarded.

That was about it.

The summer time season was short and truly underwhelming! After my buddy and I all graduated, my brothers and I moved one by one. Now my parents have moved to FL. It is a much better life. We started out in Jax, FL but nobody actually liked it there. It kind of felt like my buddy and I all spread in different directions trying to find the ideal spot. I am proud to say that I am the one that found it. I found Lakeland, FL. The location is totally perfect for both the old and young. There are cool things like museums, gardens, parks, theaters, and shopping. There are child friendly events and things for young couples to do eveninglife wise. The weather in Lakeland is perfect too. Most of the year my buddy and I are relying on our a/c units. The weather is hot, humid, and pretty brutal. The winter time is short and not that bad! Sometimes I suppose I absolutely like winter time better, but living in Lakeland has seriously upped my quality of life. I will not transport someplace else now. I have found the best location to live with all the coolest things I enjoy doing. Anybody who lives in FL should consider moving to Lakeland.


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