I missed out on heated flooring

When my fiance in addition to I moved into our new home in Birmingham, Alabama, I wanted to get radiant flooring, however we were ripping up all the aged rugs in addition to replacing them with tile, then tile is better with heated flooring, then you have to rip the floors up to get the system.

We were doing it all anyway in addition to the time was right! My fiance talked me out of it, his point was that Alabama is a warm state.

We hardly use our home heating system… It still worked too. It made no sense to buy another furnace in addition to hardly use it. Well a whole year went by in addition to after that I truly regretted that choice. I should have done heated flooring, then our home furnace quit since it was so old; So I had to buy a new system anway. The tile feels frosty on my feet for four months out of the year. The days get into the 30s, of course the tile feels cold. I had to buy a bunch of throw rugs to keep the tile warm. I covered up all my hard work. Since the floors feel so frosty I need to keep my thermostat at a higher temperature, but my energy costs in the winter season are quite large. The winters in Birmingham, Alabama are cold. The season is long too. 6 months out of the year my friend and I use a heating system. We aren’t in a warm state at all! I should have invented my heating device when I had the chance. I truly missed not getting radiant heating.
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