Keeping my air quality clean since I am inside a lot

Since I am stuck in my household most of the year, I have invested in my indoor air quality equipment, however in Springtimefield, MO it is chilly most of the year. That means our heating component is going crazy most of the time, however since the boiler never gets a break, my nice friend and I can’t easily go outside. I don’t want to deal with snow, ice, plus below chilly uneven temperatures. It just makes sense to stay where it is warm. I go a little silly though. I also start to worry about my health. They say the inside air is two to five times more polluted than the outdoors. My buddy and I spend most of our lives indoors too. So I have made it my mission to make my MO condo clean plus safe. I invested in a humidifier to labor with the heater. This adds moisture to my air quality, and a little moisture goes a long way. It makes the household feel warmer plus more comfortable. I have less troubles with shock plus cling. I don’t have bloody noses, itchy eyes, or angry throats anymore. I then looked into an air purification plan. This installs right in the return ducts. As the boiler operates, teh air purification system works to remove dust, dirt, plus pollen from the air quality. It is a small price to pay; Now I know that my air quality is as fresh as it can be. I even went one step further plus hired out ductwork cleaning during the fall to ensure there was no dust blocking things; You can never be too careful about your health.


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