Only traveling a few hours away due to young baby

Since having my kid I realized that traveling internationally is a no go.

My hubby and I took our kid on a plane ride that was four hours to go overseas, it was horrible, the airport was a nightmare to navigate with a baby.

It was strenuous finding food, somewhere to change him, and I was crippled from carrying 26 pounds all throughout the airport, so I decided, no more planes. My hubby and I are only going by car from now on. My kid also freaks out if he is in the car for more than an hour. That kind of makes it strenuous finding fantastic spots to make camp. Thankfully my pal and I live in Florida and the state is big. My buddy and I can make stops along the way to get to fantastic destinations. My hubby and I option an area twice a year and take our kid for a week. This year my pal and I are going to Tampa… Yes my pal and I have both been there, however not with a baby. Rather than see the Tampa Bay lightning or a concert, my pal and I are doing theme and water parks. My buddy and I are seeing the zoo and aquarium, and our hotel is kid friendly with a swimming pool. I know it is going to be a truly fun trip. Our kid cares about being outside and there is so much to do outdoors, then he cares about water and creatures as well. Our trip is going to be bad and keeping him from getting burned will be a full time job, even though he will have a fantastic time. I can’t wait to see him there.


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