Smart thermostat was ideal for my lifestyle

I travel a lot for work, then my boss always has me board a plane as well as go to a bizarre state to present to people, and i spend about three afternoons in a location before going home, living in Sioux Falls makes it strenuous to leave the house.

  • Our winter season weather is intense.

I would keep the furnace on high but would worry the whole time, then what if something happened? If the furnace hastily stopped working my pipes would freeze as well as then burst. I would come condo to a mess. What if it warmed up? I then am paying to heat an empty condo that doesn’t need it, but that is how I ended up buying a smart thermostat. I looked around as well as found the newest model on the market. My Sioux Falls Heating as well as Air Conditioning business installed it for me as well as helped me work it. I downloaded the app as well as loaded a program in. I have my regular workday while in the week in a tech thermostat. It is nice that the thermostat scans for me before providing heat though! So if I stay late at work or if I am gone, the furnace isn’t going to bether. It has a low heating mode that saves my pipes, but doesn’t cost me a ton. It also won’t blast heat when the outdoor weather is warm. The best thing is that I can check as well as adjust my thermostat from anywhere with Wi-Fi. So on my work trips I adjust my thermostat. It has given me such peace of mind. I am notified of air filter swings, humidity levels, energy saving tips, as well as repairs.



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