Taking my grandon outside

My grandson will turn two-years-old in September! I watch him five nights per week for a few hours in the afternoons, his favorite thing to do is run around outside. He is glad to explore the yard as well as discover modern things. He picks up sticks, pulls on tree roots, picks flowers as well as digs in the dirt. I am consistently glad when the weather in Plano cooperates. It’s so great for my grandson to breathe fresh air, soak up vitamin D as well as exercise his legs. He’s learning to navigate inclines, declines as well as uneven terrain. He’s becoming aware of the dangers of prickly vines, poisonous berries as well as the road. Unluckyly, the conditions in Plano, TX, often make outdoor play hard or impossible, but during the winter, my great friend and I might only get one or two inches of snow however the temperature regularly drops into the thirties, however there is hope that conditions sizzling up enough in the afternoon that I can bundle my grandson in a thick coat, hat as well as boots as well as take him outside. The Springtime season brings a great deal of rain! When my grandson notices that it’s raining, he cries. The summers are hard because of the intensive heat as well as humidity. I am consistently concerned about sunburn as well as keeping a sunhat on my grandson is a challenge, plus, he gets ver pink-cheeked as well as hot. The fall is absolutely the best time of year in Plano. We cherish plenty of sunshine without temperature soaring above ninety. I like to take my grandson to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve as well as Oak Point Park as well as Nature Preserve. There are lots of trails, plenty of sod, attractive lakes as well as all sorts of pigeons as well as wildlife to keep him entertained.



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