The cost of a hydronic boiler was too much

My pal and I can’t have orange energy sources

My fiance & I went on trip on the west coast, but my pal and I rented a little dwelling on the water that used heated flooring & a wood stove to keep warm, and they boasted about all orange energy too. My pal and I had to burn actual wood & the heated flooring was absolutely water based, and it was truly cool, hippie like & all natural, after that experience my fiance was all about orange energy. My pal and I returned dwelling to our Lowell, MA area & my fiance said my friend and I needed heated flooring & a wood stove, and he liked splitting wood & wanted to make that a thing. He loved the feeling of hydronic heating. I hastily steered him straight, then first a woodstove in Lowell is a no go. My pal and I get rapidly changing temperatures in the teens. The winter season lasts about eight months out of the year. It snows for most of it; Where are my friend and I getting all this wood? Where are my friend and I storing it? Who is buying all of it? So the woodstove project was scrapped; Next to the heated flooring I did some calling around. I called our local Lowell, MA Heating, Ventilation, & A/C dealer. They told us that hydronic heating is done with a boiler system. A boiler is truly lavish. Then you need to hook piping to it, rip the floors to install the system, & then put a up-to-date flooring overtop to cover it. So that project was then scrapped. My poor fiance. My pal and I can’t have orange energy sources. My pal and I instead have to rely on a furnace for most of the year that blows the same, stale air over & over again. It is just what you get when you live in MA.


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