The cost of a hydronic heater was too much

My husband and I went on vacation on the west coast.

We rented a little house on the water that used heated flooring and a wood stove to keep warm.

They boasted about all green energy too. We had to burn actual wood and the heated flooring was actually water based. It was very cool, hippie like and all natural. After that experience my husband was all about green energy. We returned home to our Lowell, Massachusetts area and my husband said we needed heated flooring and a wood stove. He liked chopping wood and wanted to make that a thing. He loved the feeling of hydronic heating. I quickly steered him straight. First a woodstove in Lowell is a no go. We get temperatures in the teens. The winter lasts about eight months out of the year. It snows for most of it. Where are we getting all this wood? Where are we storing it? Who is buying all of it? So the woodstove project was scrapped. Next to the heated flooring I did some calling around. I called our local Lowell, Massachusetts HVAC dealer. They told us that hydronic heating is done with a boiler system. A boiler is very expensive. Then you need to hook piping to it, rip the floors to install the system, and then put a new flooring overtop to cover it. So that project was then scrapped. My poor husband. We can’t have green energy sources. We instead have to rely on a furnace for most of the year that blows the same, stale air over and over again. It is just what you get when you live in Massachusetts.


Lowell Massachusetts Hydronic heater