Working out in Phoenix

I am extremely happy that I moved from the Northeast to Phoenix, Arizona, a few years ago.

I needed a change of scenery and was tired of the sub zero temperatures and feet of snow.

I no longer wanted to need a four-wheel-drive vehicle, snow shovel and ice scraper. When I was offered a promotion that required me to relocate to Phoenix, I immediately accepted. I bought a house that offers a lovely view of Camelback Mountain. When the weather allows, I love to hike either of it’s two trails 2,700 feet to the peak. The view of Phoenix from that height is truly incredible. While the winters in Phoenix are much milder than what I was accustomed to, the temperature drops into the forties for about four or five months. It makes for some chilly nights and mornings. I like to workout everyday for approximately an hour. If possible, I prefer to get outside and run or cycle. During the winter, it’s necessary to wait for the day to warm up before heading outdoors. I’ve invested into specialized clothing that helps to keep me comfortable. If the outdoor air is too cold, it’s difficult to get properly warmed up and truly enjoy the exercise. I have a lanai builts across the back of my house that is constructed entirely of screens. There is no way to fully control temperature. There are times in the winter when I run a small space heater and workout in the lanai. I’ve purchased a treadmill, mini-trampoline, incline bench, free weights, yoga mat and battle ropes. In the spring and summer, the weather isn’t as big of an issue. In the summer, the heat makes a productive workout just about impossible. I get up as early as I can tolerate to exercise before the heat of the day. For multiple months of the year, the temperature is already in the nineties by seven o’clock in the morning and steadily climbs into the triple digits. I stand directly in front of a box fan running on max speed and am drenched in sweat before I’ve finished my warmup.


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