High humidity in there

The reservoirs filled up genuinely fast and became a source of mold growth

I grew up, went to school and spent numerous years residing in the northeastern part of the country, however i was genuinely accustomed to especially long, snowy and bitterly cold winters, then the heater ran for approximately eight months per year. I often needed to shovel the walkways and driveway numerous times per afternoon… A wool coat, heavy boots, ice scraper and snow shovel were necessities, but when I was able to arrange my job so that I can handle everything online and labor from home, I immediately relocated to St. Petersburg, FL. I now run the air conditioner just about year round; Even in the middle of winter, the nighttime temperature rarely falls below fifty-five degrees, and my current condo is not even equipped with a heater. I no longer worry about pipes cold, the weight of the snow on the roof or icy roads. My concern is complications with humidity. The temperature in St. Petersburg is excessively humid. While the air conditioner pulls heat out of the air, it isn’t designed to handle such an abundance of moisture, because overly humid air feels warmer and rather sticky, it can be tempting to lower the control unit. I hastily realized that this adds to the strain of the air conditioner and results in much higher energy bills without solving the problem. I also tried portable dehumidifiers. They gave genuinely little benefit and yet required a superb deal of work. The reservoirs filled up genuinely fast and became a source of mold growth. I finally consulted with a local St. Petersburg Heating and Air Conditioning business and invested into a whole-condo dehumidifier. The improvement to comfort has been amazing.

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