Traveling to Tampa for a getaway

My kid is fifteen months old plus isn’t honestly great about traveling, however the concern is that my spouse plus I both like to travel! My spouse plus I had a lot of grand plans about all the traveling my friend and I would do.

My pal and I planned overseas plus foreign countries after our kid was born.

Turns out that isn’t feasible. My pal and I did one overseas trip plus regretted it, our baby boy hated flying on jetliners plus being in airports! It was tiring plus time consuming, however packing plus flying with all the gear was horrendous too, and so now my friend and I have stuck with places that are doable by car. Our kid won’t rest in a car that long either. My pal and I are in the sunlight state of FL. Thankfully it is a big state plus there are plenty of diverse places to go. My spouse plus I frequently pack up now plus drive to a new spot in FL. The most recent trip had us go to Tampa, FL. The drive was 2.5 hours plus wasn’t too bad. My pal and I then stayed in a big, swanky hotel that had a pool plus a great view. My pal and I hit things like the zoo, aquarium, shops, plus a adolescents concert. There was so much to do there plus so much to see. It was a fun long weekend for sure. The best was being able to pack a full car of all our stuff. My pal and I got to bring everything, including a high chair which made things so much easier for us. From now on I am only traveling within the state of FL.



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