Hockey family in the right area

We are a hockey family through and through.

I couldn’t imagine living in a warm area and trying to enjoy hockey.

I know that Tampa always wins the cup but those people aren’t really the same level of fans that Chicago, Elgin and Glenview are. In my opinion going to a hockey game in shorts is cheating. You can’t tailgate and need sunscreen. You can’t enjoy a hockey game in the heat. I love my Glenview home. We have cold weather and access to a lot of hockey rinks. My boys both play on two teams. They have a local team and a travel hockey team. My husband coaches each of them on one of their teams. We then go see professional games during playoff season. Since we live close to Chicago, the Chicago Blackhawks are our team. They aren’t very good, honestly. They hardly ever make the playoffs and if they do, they don’t go far. But it is fun seeing the games and rooting for our hometeam. We each have jerseys with our favorite players’ names on the back. We also make a day of it when we see the game. The rink is only an hour away but we make sure to get dinner, hang out before the game and linger around afterwards. Sometimes we will get a hotel and make a night of it. The kids just love when it is hockey season. The cold weather of our area actually makes it better in my opinion. You can get more into the hockey spirit when you are all bundled up.


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I got a job working for a Lakeland HVAC business

My girlfriend was living in Orlando and she wanted me to move to the city to be with her.

I tried to find a job working for a heating or AC repair service close by, but the only job I could find was working for a Lakeland HVAC business. I decided to take the job with the Lakeland HVAC business. I made the one hour commute for a while and then my girlfriend and I decided to get a place that was halfway between my job and hers. We both have to leave the house early in the morning to get to work on time, especially when it is tourist season. The summer months are a mess because everyone is taking their kids to the amusement parks. Sometimes it can take 30 minutes just to travel 2 miles. I don’t mind not having to drive around in all of that traffic. Once I start heading over to Lakeland, I usually spend the whole day working on heating and AC repairs that are right there in that city. I don’t have to worry about dealing with traffic or all of those cars. It is a madhouse out there and I am happy to avoid that. My girlfriend on the other hand does not mind driving and all of that traffic. It takes her about 30 minutes to drive 6 miles to her job at the amusement park. I told her that she should look for something else that is close to Lakeland, but there is no way that she is going to give up a job working for the happiest place on earth.


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We used our fireplace after a major snowstorm in Buffalo

Late last year, Buffalo was hit with one of the worst ice storms that I have ever experienced in my life.

The storm dumped up to 4 feet of snow in some parts of the city.

As a result, there were many people trapped in their cars as well as inside their homes because there was nowhere to escape to. The city was locked down, and some of the people who were trapped in their cars, unfortunately didn’t make it out. So, it was a pretty bad storm that caused millions in damages. During the storm, thousands of residents lost power and had no way of keeping their homes comfortable. For those who had generators, they were able to connect space heaters to them. And if the generator was large enough, it could run the furnace as well. My family also lost power during that snowstorm, but thankfully, our house has a fireplace. Although the fireplace can’t keep the entire house warm, it was good enough for us while we had no power. Typically, we never use the fireplace. In fact, that was probably the third time that we used it since we’ve lived in this house. But my husband prepared for the storm, and he knew that we would probably lose power, so he cleaned out the fireplace and he stocked up on wood for it. He also purchased a couple of propane tanks, so we could cook our food during the outage. These are some of the challenges that we face living in Buffalo, but it’s nice to have alternative ways to keep our home comfortable during major storms that cause power outages.

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Zoned heating when my parents moved in

I bought a house in Elgin, Illinois and moved in with my parents.

My parents are on the older side and they need some care. They need someone making sure they take all their vitamins and can drive them to their doctors appointments. They also need someone messing around with lawn care, the internet and making meals. It just made sense to have them live with me since I am single and have my own home. I noticed that older people tend to be colder. My parents were always upping my thermostat and wanting more heating. Elgin, IL is a colder area. It snows all the time here and the cold comes early. I was really worried about them during the winter. I then quickly realized that the issue was me. My parents cranked the thermostat and the heater did a great job. I started wearing shorts and a tank top in my home. I started feeling sick from being so warm. I realized I needed some kind of solution. I talked to my local HVAC dealer about my issue. He recommended a zone control system. That way my parents could crank the heater in their bedrooms and the living room if they wanted. I then could have a colder area in my bedroom and the kitchen. Since installing a ductless heating device, I have been much happier. It is nic knowing there are spaces I can retreat to and I won’t be so hot. My parents are killing me with the 80 degree settings. They need extra heat though.


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We decided to move somewhere else

My girlfriend and I moved to St petersburg, Florida, about 6 months ago. We were previously living in a small place in Alabama. It was a pretty big move for the two of us to go all the way to St. Petersburg. My girlfriend got a job working at a hospital. I got a job working at an AC repair business. I knew that it was going to be easy for me to find a job working at a local AC repair business. There are more than 50 different registered businesses in the St. Petersburg area and that doesn’t include all of Tampa bay. My girlfriend started working at the hospital as soon as we arrived in St petersburg, but I didn’t start my job at the AC repair business until about a month later. I filled out a lot of different applications and I went to several interviews. I waited until I found a job that was absolutely perfect for me. The commercial and residential heating and AC repair business where I work services all of St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area. Most of the time my boss tries to keep everyone in the same part of the city all day. That cuts down on the amount of time we have to spend driving in the truck. If half of my day is spent in traffic because St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay are busy, then half of my day isn’t spent on repairs. I earn an hourly rate, but I also earn commission. I want to be working on AC repairs all day, because that’s how I make the most amount of money.

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Taking a cooking class

I am slowly clicking off the things on my bucket list.

I always wanted to do stand up paddle boarding and I was thankful that Lee’s Summit legacy lake offered that.

I rented the board and figured it out on my own. Since it was a lake, the water was so still and calm. It actually was quite easy. It is a great workout and an even better way to get a tan. I also have alway wanted to learn to cook better. Did you know that Lee’s Summit offers a variety of cooking classes? I got my best friend Nancy to do a class with me. Turns out that we totally love it. It is a fun girls night activity for us. The two of us find a cute local restaurant to eat and get nice and boozed up. We then head over to our class and try cooking. We are both terrible but that is part of the fun. The two of us basically drunk cook once a week. The teacher is nice and the other people there are so much fun. Afterwards we hang out at someone’s house until bedtime. It is the highlight of my whole week. Am I learning how to cook? Not relay. My bucket list item was to take a cooking class and I am doing that. It is my own fault that I am not really soaking in the information and learning how to overtly cook. But I am enjoying it nonetheless. Now I need to find somewhere to learn how to drive a motorcycle.


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Traffic was a nightmare on 95 all day

Interstate 95 runs all the way through Jacksonville from the north of the city to the south of the city.

There is always traffic on the Interstate because of the constant construction.

It seems like the city is always working on a project. They take a two-lane road and turn it into four lanes and then two years later they turn it into six lanes. It’s a constant state of confusion when I am trying to move in and out of traffic. Everyone going to the South used to exit the highway to the right. After they changed the construction and started a new project, now all of the exits to the South are on the left side of the highway. It is a total nightmare, especially on the weekends during football season. The Jacksonville football stadium is located off the highway not far from Interstate 95. I was working at the AC repair center on Sunday when there was a home game. I was trying to get from the south side to the north side and I hopped on 95. I got stuck in traffic behind an accident and everyone was slowing down to look at the scene. By the time I got to the AC repair, the customer was mad because it took so long. I was supposed to be there at 4:00 and I did not show up until almost 5:00. I tried to tell the AC repair customer that the traffic was bad, but she told me that I should have taken an alternate route.

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The Birmingham heating company didn't charge me for the repair

The tune-up went pretty well, except for the fact that the Birmingham heating company technician found some hoses that needed to be replaced.

Last week I called the Birmingham heating company to schedule an appointment for a tune-up service. There is a particular place in Birmingham that offers a tune-up service for less than $100 and it includes every part of the HVAC system. The service company checks all of the electrical components, the belts, and the fittings. They check the heat pump and the AC. I have been using this Birmingham heating company for all of my HVAC needs. The business offers competitive prices, great customer service, and quality repairs and installation work. I called and set up an appointment to have the tune-up service for Monday afternoon. I recognized the technician that came to service the system, because it was the same exact person that came during the summer to help me when I had a problem with the AC unit. The guy remembered me too and my HVAC unit. He warned me that I might be looking at some problems if I didn’t replace the system soon. The tune-up went pretty well, except for the fact that the Birmingham heating company technician found some hoses that needed to be replaced. Since I had to pay for the hoses to be replaced, the Birmingham heating company did not charge me a fee for the repair. The guy was already there for the tune-up and that covered the cost for the call. I ended up spending just under $200 for the HVAC tune-up and all of the new hoses for the air conditioning system. I also got billed for the work, so I didn’t have to pay until Friday when I got paid.


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The city of South Bend is updating the HVAC equipment

I own a small but thriving commercial and residential HVAC business in South bend, indiana.

I have a couple of commercial clients that give me tips from time to time on jobs that are coming up in the government office.

That gives me an opportunity to bid on those jobs. There are only a couple of small businesses that are given the opportunity to bid on the government jobs, because there are so many other commercial and residential HVAC businesses in the area. I found out that the city of South Bend was going to update the HVAC equipment and every single one of the elementary schools. I knew that was going to be a huge job and would probably take most of the summer. The job doesn’t start until June after all of the kids are already out of school. I visited each one of the elementary schools so I could see exactly what the job would entail and it took me 3 days to put together a proposal and estimate. It had been a long time since I had worked so diligently on a project and it paid off. The city of South Bend awarded me the contract for the commercial heating and AC job. I have to put together a crew in the next two months and I have to figure out how I am going to pay all of these guys for their labor and wages when I won’t get paid for the job until it is over. Thankfully, I also have some contacts over at the bank.


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The Bethlehem HVAC business was thorough

Winter seems to come earlier and earlier every single year.

It seems to get colder earlier and summer is getting shorter. Some years we have to run the furnace in September and that means that the furnace has to be ready for six long months of hard work. We frequently have snow still in March and that means that the furnace has to be reliable. There are several different ways to make sure that your furnace is reliable. One thing is to contact a local repair and installation service to perform an inspection and tune up. During the tune-up, the technician will examine, clean, and service all of the parts inside of the furnace. I think that the furnace tune-up helps our system work more efficiently. It certainly helps give me peace of mind to know that the system is ready to work hard. This year I called a Bethlehem HVAC business in August to make sure that the furnace would be ready for the winter season. The Bethlehem HVAC business owner was surprised that I wanted to make an appointment so early for the winter, but I knew it was much better to be safe than sorry. I wanted to make sure that my old furnace is still prepared to work as hard as it did 10 years ago. When I had the tune-up performed, the service technician told me that my furnace was still in really good shape. He advised me to continue doing what I was doing in order to make sure that my furnace will last a long time.

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