Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge was wicked fun

My wife and I decided to visit San Francisco, California for our honeymoon.

We lived on the east coast and a trip across the country sounded like a lot of fun.

My wife was particularly interested in visiting some of the places in San Francisco. She talked me into the idea and it did not take much to convince me. I really wanted to see The Wharf and Alcatraz Island. While my wife and I were in San Francisco, we decided to rent bikes and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. There were a couple of places on Lombard Street and we rented an e-bike from one of those vendors. The right across the bridge was relatively easy and the view was spectacular. About halfway across the bridge, we ran into a large group of people that were standing in our way. They were all using recreational marijuana. It was easy to smell the weed. It has a very pungent odor and smells awful. When my wife and I asked a couple of people to move, we saw a marijuana joint in someone’s hand. Everyone was huddled together trying to keep the marijuana joint from burning out in the wind. After we finished our ride across the bridge, my wife and I ended up having a discussion about recreational marijuana. I honestly thought she was completely against the idea, so I was surprised when she hinted that she might want to try it. That was another fun and wild experience that the two of us shared on our honeymoon in California.

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When it rains in San Francisco, it's strange

San Francisco is a city in California that is located on a peninsula.

There is water surrounding the entire city.

The weather is one of the nicest reasons to live in the city. The weather is often filled with sun and cloudless skies. Spring is my favorite time of the year. The average temperatures are around 75 degrees. It is a very nice time of the year to go to the beach. It is very strange to go to San Francisco on a sunny day and end up with rain. My friends and I decided to spend the day in the city and we walked all over town. We visited the wharf and we went to the Haight-Ashbury District. When we arrived in the city, we went to a marijuana dispensary. There was a place close to our destination with cheap prices and a first-time patient special. I purchased a couple of infused pre-rolls with distillate and kief. My friends got a couple of items from the dispensary as well. After lunch, we planned to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, it started raining and the sun completely disappeared. It was a huge weather anomaly, and it kept us from finishing our day downtown. None of us were prepared for the rainy weather. We didn’t have umbrellas for jackets and the wind and rain made the outdoor temperatures drop almost 20 degrees. I honestly didn’t mind leaving the city early. After smoking one of the pre-rolled joints, I was ready to relax and take a nap.



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I live in Melbourne, but I work in Cocoa beach

Melbourne and Cocoa Beach are both part of Brevard County.

There are a lot of fun things to do in both cities.

I live with my family in Melbourne, about 15 minutes away from Cocoa Beach. There are a lot of fun things to do in this part of Florida. My family and I have kayaks and we prefer to use them in the lagoon, at the beach, or on the river. There are a ton of places where you can spot dolphins, manatees, and a number of different aquatic animals. I’ve been living here for the past 15 years. I took a job in Cocoa Beach, but it was way too expensive to live there. I found real estate that was much more affordable in the nearby city of Melbourne. Before I moved to Cocoa Beach, I lived in the city of Denver. The climate here is much different. My main concern in the past was always the heating unit, but now my biggest concern is absolutely the AC. Every year my wife and I have a full tune up performed on the AC system before the summer temperatures are hot and humid. It’s an important step in the maintenance of the system and 1 way to ensure the AC lasts as long as possible. When you live in a place like this with a hot and humid climate eight months out of the year, it is helpful when you don’t have to replace the AC every three or four years. With the costs of energy rising each year, it makes more sense to service the equipment.


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My dad needed a new AC before summer

The average summer temperature in Tampa Bay is 95 degrees during the summer months. When the temperatures are humid, the air conditioner has to work harder to cool the air. Summer temperatures in Tampa Bay are very difficult on the AC system. Last summer my dad needed to replace the AC unit and he had to spend a fortune. He contacted a lot of Tampa Bay HVAC repair companies for an estimate. Most of the places wanted the same amount of money. Some of them charged a little more for the equipment and some of them charged a little more money for the labor. All of their fees work out the same, so my Dad decided to choose the Tampa Bay HVAC repair company with the best online reviews. About a week after Memorial Day, my dad made an appointment with the Tampa Bay Company. The company was having a sale on all new systems and my dad saved 10% by waiting the extra week to have the work completed. It took all day for the system technician to install the items necessary for the machine to work properly. I was surprised by all of the work involved. I figured it was simple to switch out the machines, but there is a lot more work involved. One of the guys had to get out a welding torch and shape the metal so it would fit properly in the space where it was housed. It’s easy to understand why the installation fees are so high after watching the repair technicians work all day.

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After spending a week in Florida, I wanted to come back home to Denver

My girlfriend and I met during our junior year of college. Both of us were attending the University of Colorado in Denver. I have lived in Denver my whole life, but my girlfriend lived in Florida. She chose the University of Colorado in Denver because of the sports medicine program. My girlfriend and I were dating for several months and then it was Christmas and time for the holidays. My girlfriend planned to go home and she wanted me to join her. I never spent a single Christmas away from Denver and my family, but I decided to join my girlfriend. We had to take an airplane to her hometown and we we’re on the jet for several hours. When we stepped out of the airport, I was immediately surprised by the climate and temperature. It was 82 degrees that day. It was warm and humid and I was dressed improperly. I was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and suddenly felt very overdressed. After spending a week in those hot and humid temperatures, I was ready to come back home to Denver. I had to use the air conditioner in December. I only packed jeans and sweaters and her family did not like me. My girlfriend knew that I didn’t have a very good time. I stuck it out, but I was happy to leave. When we finally came home, we decided to spend our last weekend in Denver going skiing at one of our favorite resorts. We had cold temperatures and snow and that is what I think winter should be like.


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I needed the right kind of heating for the Denver weather in January

I got a raise and promotion at work, but I had to move out of my hometown.

I was living in the Southeastern part of the country where the summer temperatures are hot and humid and the winter days are cool and mild. When I received the promotion, I had to move to the Denver location of our company. I knew the weather in Denver would be much different than the weather in my hometown. As soon as I moved to Denver, I started thinking about the right type of heating equipment to keep me warm during the winter months. I had a brand new furnace installed in the house that I purchased. I was very worried about the cold temperature. When December started, I was surprised by the mild temperatures. It was much colder than a regular winter day down south, but it was not as frigid and chilly as I anticipated. I was worried about hating the house and staying warm, but I actually didn’t need to worry that much about the Denver winter temperatures. There isn’t much snow unless you travel to the very high altitudes in the mountains. Those places often have snow fall several months out of the year. Fortunately, Denver has a much milder climate than some of the higher elevations. I’ve been living in the city for almost a year and I absolutely love it here. There are a lot of fun activities and places to visit. I’ve only seen a handful of attractions, and there are still so many more places on my list.

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The weather is very cold in Orland Park, Illinois

The weather in Orland Park, Illinois is very cold during the winter months.

Orland Park is about 30 minutes south of Chicago.

Orland Park is one of the stops on the commuter train. It is very simple and quick to travel into Chicago if you work in the city. I work in downtown Chicago, but my family and I live in Orland Park. We have a lot of activities and fun things to do in town. When the weather is cold, my family and I like to go to the winter wonderland ice rink. This attraction is located in Centennial Park. The outdoor ice rink is a nice place to take the family, because there are no fees to use the ice. A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I decided to take the kids to the park for a couple of hours of ice skating. We left the house around lunch time, but my son forgot his ice skates on the back porch. I had to turn around and go back to the house. I left my wife and the kids at the ice rink. When I got back to the house, the temperature inside of the living room was much colder than it should have been. When I looked at the temperature on the thermostat, I knew there was a problem with the furnace. I didn’t have a lot of time to troubleshoot the issue, so I turned off the heat and took the ice skates to the rink. I told my wife about the problem with the furnace and she agreed to stay with the kids while I went back to the house to fix the furnace.

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The dispensary driver got lost coming to the address

My family and I have lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 15 years.

  • We moved here when I started working at the airport.

I have flights five days a week and it’s nice to have a house close to the airport. The city is one of the largest in the southwest, but it still feels like a small, charming town to me. There are a lot of reasons why I think Albuquerque is one of the nicest places to live. The balloon festival that is held every year attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Last year my wife and I attended the festival. She wanted to ride in one of the hot air balloons, but I was too afraid. We still had a great time looking at all the pretty orange, red, purple, and yellow colors. The sky was filled with hot air balloons. We spent the weekend in the city and we discovered recreational marijuana. My wife and I tried recreational marijuana for the first time when we were in Albuquerque. After that, we found out that the dispensary delivered to our home address. A couple of weeks later, I ordered some items from the recreational marijuana dispensary in Albuquerque. The dispensary driver got lost coming to the address. When the guy arrived after an hour, he told me that he was new to the city. I can understand that it is difficult to find your way around Albuquerque, but maybe the guy should not be a delivery driver if he doesn’t know the area very well. I still gave the guy a good tip.

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I have so many hopes for Eugene, OR

Even before marijuana use had been decriminalized, OR was a hot spot for the finest blends in the world, but part of the reason for that is the incredible scenery up here, millions of acres of thick, dense forests, then oR is logging country, and all those hundreds of miles of dirty logging roads chopping through the belly of the woods makes for a lot of stadiums to hide out and grow pot, however after the draft for the Vietnam war ramped up, a lot of the hippies and pot growers from California, and other states, fled to OR, and their strains are still being smoked this week, however i live in Eugene, OR these days, and every time I go to a dispensary I guess love I get a history lesson.

It seems that every seasoned timer local pothead knows 1 of the forerunners for new medicinal cannabis use in the world! None of these seasoned timers can prove anything, of course, however they have been in Eugene for a long time, no 1 can dispute that, and the local legends in Eugene say that this was the birthplace of the new day THC levels in cannabis; Back in the Summer of Love, the 60s and 77s, cannabis was everywhere, however it was absolutely weak as to what we are used to this week.

The cannabis experts in and around Eugene, OR were some of the first to streamline the cannabis strains and make them more and more powerful. Maybe a lot of this is just loose talk from seasoned time Eugene potheads, however sure makes for an interesting story.

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I chose Seattle over my boyfriend

Seattle is not for everyone, and that’s a good thing! Above all else, the Jet City has character, it has personality, and that means it’s perfect for some people, but not for others.

  • When I moved here with my long-time boyfriend, he started getting depressed.

It turns out that the sunny skies and high temps of the south were more conducive to his happiness, and the bleak clouds and frequent rainfall of the Pacific Northwest made him feel sad. It was a tough breakup, but at that point I already knew that I would let him go before I let Seattle go. I might have been born and raised in the deep south, but it turns out I was always a Seattle boy at heart. The sunset isn’t visible in Seattle every night, but the ones we do get are always spectacular. One of my favorite things is to stop by one of the great local cannabis dispensaries and get a pre-rolled joint to smoke on the shore of the Puget Sound. A headful of locally grown Seattle cannabis and the sight of the sun sinking into the Pacific ocean is enough to make me feel poetry in my heart. Little things like that are why I love Seattle so much, because it’s more than a place, it’s a feeling. Call me corny if you must, I’ve dumped boyfriends for Seattle before, so not much can faze me at this point. That’s another benefit that I get from smoking this amazing locally grown weed, better known as the Seattle sativa.



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