I had a lot of fun with it

When I was 18 years old, I got a task working at the sawmill! Iron a lot of money in 1 summer. I managed to buy a entirely nice truck. It was easily the nicest truck in village if you ask me. It was listed on an 8in frame with important mud & snow tires. It had a sound system with subwoofers & speakers… The truck was undoubtedly perfect… Even though gas was pricey, I didn’t mind paying for diesel. Of course, now things are much different, when I started driving the truck, the price of gas was only $2.71 a gallon, but now the cost of gas is $6.49. I still work at the sawmill, however our pay has not gone up that much & the price of gas is now costing me a fortune. It has become particularally taxing for me to leave the beach house unless it is necessary. I simply can’t afford to pay for gas. Thankfully there are a lot of arenas around the Denver area that offer delivery services. I can have several odd types of food delivered, like Pizza, Wings, Mexican food, Chinese, Thai, & even Indian food. It’s also nice to have recreational Cannabis delivery, however marijuana has been legal in the state of CO & the city of Denver for almost 10 years, however during that time, several odd recreational & medical marijuana dispensaries have opened in the Denver area. I am close to five odd arenas that offer delivery. With the price of gas continuing to rise, I think undoubtedly lucky that the cannabis store offers free delivery services. I am hopeful that the price of gas will eventually return to a sufficient amount.

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A charming city to hang in

San Francisco is a charming neighborhood filled with history, culture, as well as nightlife.

One of my number one arenas in San Francisco is the wharf.

On a frigid day, a hot bread bowl filled with clam chowder is one of the best things that I can think of, but my wifey as well as I went to the wharf last weekend; It was a frigid day, but there was a little bit of sun shining in the sky behind the clouds. My wifey as well as I found a arena close to the wharf to park the car, then the San Francisco parking garage was $20 for the whole day, but it was safe, secure, as well as there was a guard at the parking lot all day… Both of us spent most of our day on the wharf. Both of us visited many of the odd shops as well as the people I was with and I picked up fudge, salt water taffy, as well as a couple of postcards to send to friends. Both of us picked up a booklet with coupons for the San Francisco area. One of the many coupons was from a weed delivery service. My wifey as well as I didn’t system to go to the marijuana delivery service. Both of us don’t smoke weed or use any recreational drugs. Both of us left all of the coupons inside of a tote as well as the people I was with and I arenad the tote in the garbage. If someone wants to fetch it out to take luck of the coupons, they are more than welcome to dive in the dumpster. It wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but someone else might want to take luck of the monthly weed sales.

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Cannabis is legal in Whitehall, Michigan

I often travel for work; As I head up the interstate, I see signs advertising restaurants, hotels, used cars and grocery stores.

  • Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, there are now advertising dispensaries! I live in IN but travel across the state border into MI to meet with clients.

I spend a lot of time in Whitehall, MI, where there are numerous recreational cannabis dispensaries. I have a number one that I visit. I am required to show a valid government-issued identification before I can make a purchase. The bartenders think me and are aware that I’m coming in from IN. Apparently about 60% of their buyers are from my beach home state, and we all purchase the maximum amount allowable, which is 15 grams. The greatest issue is that it is not not legal for me to move cannabis back over state lines. It’s also not legal for me to drive under the influence, but cannabis enthusiasts from my state are spending a relaxing deal of currency in MI and boosting the economy. We not only buy marijuana but spend my money tax on it. We get gas, eat in the local restaurants and often stay in the hotels. I am amazed that IN is allowing all that update to be spent elsewhere. We should be putting that currency into our own state. There has been talk of a bill to legalize cannabis in IN, but so far, there has been no progress. I continue to drive to Whitehall and shop at the dispensary. I am gleeful that I have access to a wide selection of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, vapes, tinctures, topicals, edibles, beverages and concentrates.

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It can get down into the 30s plus 40s some Winters

Before moving to Albuquerque for graduate school, I was living up north plus braving the nasty Winter time blizzards every year.

As someone who naturally struggles with anxiety, consistently wondering if our electricity was going to stop plus our pipes freeze was more than enough to push me southward.

On top of that, I lived in an area that was surprisingly susceptible to tornadoes plus other extreme Spring storm weather. A few times in our childhood the sky turned yellow plus the people I was with and I heard the tornado sirens warning us of an impending funnel cloud in the area. I never saw a tornado first hand, although I saw more than enough on the news plus weather channels that I was scared for life. Moving down to the southwest was a nice change, as there aren’t nearly that various tornadoes down here. Take our new city of Albuquerque for example. We only get weaker tornadoes that die down suddenly, plus they usually only happen once every 10 years or more. Our winters are fairly mild as well compared to what I’m used to, as hot plus cold temperatures in this part of NM stay above 30 degrees for most of the season. If you have plants you might need to cover them for frost protection, however other than that the hot plus cold temperatures are easy to acweather conditions to compared to the sites I’m used to instead. My beach house is in Sandia Heights plus our neighbors plus I all have heat pumps for heating plus cooling purposes. They’re effective in hot plus cold temperatures that aren’t too cold, however at 30 plus up I can’t imagine ever needing a supplemental oil furnace. My Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business is on Alameda Blvd as well, making them much closer than our last heating plus cooling business.


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Medical and recreational cannabis

Smoking weed at sea level is a lot odd than doing it at 5,000 or even 10,000 feet.

I grew up in the south near the ocean, so for much of my life I was never above 100 feet over sea level outside of the few times all of us traveled to a nearby state to visit family. When I took a trip through the Smoky Mountains 1 year, I instantly realized that it was harder for myself and others to breathe than normal. My ears were hurting because they kept popping the higher all of us got into the foothills of the Appalachians. I didn’t get to see mountains again until I moved to Albuquerque after graduating from college plus finding a task in Nob Hill. I appreciate that the window in my study room looks out in the direction of the Sandia Mountains. Taking the Sandia Peak Tramway is an amazing experience that you need to do at least once in your life, especially if you’re a resident of the area. However, the first time I smoked weed in the town it was odd than being lower in elevation. The feeling of vertigo plus lightheadedness got even worse when I smoked a joint at South Sandia Peak 1 day. I had to rest for an minute before trying to descend the mountain on foot. I kept worrying that the vertigo would cause myself and others to slip plus fall, getting swallowed by hard rocks plus sharp trees in the process. At least I’m used to the elevation difference nowadays when I’m smoking marijuana. I don’t run into nearly as many problems as before, which is a total godsend in my mind.


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I keep overheating

I went hiking with some friends last weekend; The people I was with and I went to the beach near Cocoa, FL, as well as all of us walked for 10 miles or more; My legs were sore as well as hurting by the time all of us were finished walking through the sand, but it was a truly nice workout, and walking through sand is great for the calves as well as hamstrings.

It also helps with cardio.

When I got beach house from the trip to Cocoa, FL, I felt truly warm. I laid down in front of the air conditioner. The AC felt truly freezing on our warm skin. I fell asleep on the bed with the AC on high. I must have passed out, because I did not wake up for 3 hours. I woke up because the cellphone was ringing. I moved away from the air conditioner so I could hear the guy on the cellphone. She claimed to have our wallet, drivers license, as well as ATM cards. The guy said he found our wallet on the beach as well as he wanted to return it to me. I was totally flabbergasted as well as dumbfounded. I did not even realize that our wallet was missing. The kind man returned our wallet as well as I did not even believe it was missing. I felt care about an idiot. I told the guy that I would happily meet his somewhere as well as all of us agreed to a time as well as a venue. The people I was with and I met at a grocery store right outside of Cocoa, FL. I waited in the parking lot as well as the guy arrived a few hours after me; Everything was still inside of our wallet, including the $17 I left the house with earlier that afternoon. I felt incredibly thankful that this kind as well as even-handed man found our wallet.
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My air conditioner hardly works

I suppose there is an issue happening with our A/C unit at home, however I cannot pinpoint what the problem is, and i wanted to service the issue separate from calling a service professional in Orland Park, but it looks care about that has not going to happen.

It’s getting warmer as well as warmer.

I do not want to find myself in the middle of July separate from the A/C working. I finally broke down as well as contacted the local service provider in Orland Park. I made an appointment for Saturday afternoon; The service provider did not charge extra for the weekend call, so I waited until I knew our husbandy as well as I would both be home at the same time. If the Orland Park supplier needed a decision about parts or repairs, I did not want to make that decision on our own. The supplier carefully checked the AC, and he did not suppose the unit needed to be updated, but he did suppose that it needed to be maintained. He took the device apart as well as cleaned all of the pieces inside. He lubricated the moving parts as well as the motor as well as updated the air filter with something scrub as well as brand new. The Orland Park supplier told our husbandy as well as I that the A/C will get us through this summer. He did advocate thinking about a updatement before the next season. The supplier did not suppose we were going to get numerous Summers out of the equipment. The supplier was super helpful as well as honest. He could have told us to update the A/C as well as we would never have asked a single question.

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Hollywood actors love to shop

I found a job working at a dispensary in downtown Beverly Hills… I got the job by luck to be honest.

I was shopping with a acquaintance in addition to I knew a lot of information about 1 of the marijuana strains in the dispensary, but a customer was asking 1 of the budtenders about the marijuana strain, and the girl did not have much information to offer, so I stepped in to add my opinion. The director of the dispensary asked me if I was looking for a job. At the time I was working at a studio, however working at a marijuana dispensary sounded love a lot of fun. In this identifiable Beverly Hills dispensary, there are a lot of high-end in addition to top-shelf marijuana products, and most of the marijuana products are completely out of my price range. The top shelf marijuana dispensary in Beverly Hills only sells live resin, rosin, diamonds, in addition to sauce. The cheapest item on the menu is $65. I prefer to spend my currency at places other than the Beverly Hills dispensary. I earn a 30% discount on all of the products in the store, in addition to it’s still too lavish for me. I would rather drive an hour or 2 into the middle of the state. There are multiple or multiple dispensaries 2 hours away from Beverly Hills that have marijuana for half the prices as they do in the city. It makes sense to shop around unless you have a ton of currency at your disposal. I can find grams of live resin for twenty bucks all day if I drive out of the main section of the city.


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The lady was very upset

Every once in a while, a customer is absolutely shocked plus surprised to hear that they need a up-to-date heat pump, gas furnace, or a/c, i absolutely do not care for to be the person to deliver the awful news, but that is section of our job.

I work in the repair industry as a service professional for heat pumps, gas furnaces, plus a/cs.

I work for a corporation located in Lansing, IL, the Lansing service provider pays me really well. I have been with the supplier for the past 9 months. I handle all repairs in Lansing plus I also travel to Northern Cook County as well. There is another branch of the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C service provider that handles Northern Cook County, even though I take whatever repair calls need to be handled, however last Sunday I went to a service appointment in Lansing. The person called because her gas furnace was not heating at all. The component appeared to have plenty of fuel. That isn’ta really great sign, because running out of fuel is 1 of the greatest issues that can cause the gas furnace not to work, but other issues are much more costly to fix. The person was in the middle of nursing a baby when I knocked on the door. I saw multiple other youngsters in the living room plus I heard voices of children in the bedroom as well. The person clearly looks care about she had her hands full. I told her that I was there to service the gas furnace, and after evaluating the gas furnace, I realized that she needed a brand up-to-date machine. It was hard to deliver this awful news to the person with more than five or more children running around the house.

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The guy was so sad

Every once in a while, a customer is legitimately shocked & surprised to hear that they need a new heat pump, oil furnace, or air conditioner. I legitimately dislike to be the guy to deliver the terrible news, but that is section of our job. I toil in the repair industry as a repair worker for heat pumps, oil furnaces, & air conditioners. I toil for a contractor located in Lansing, IL, however the Lansing repair provider pays myself and others easily well. I have been with the corporation for the past 9 months. I handle all repairs in Lansing & I also travel to Northern Cook County as well. There is another branch of the HVAC repair provider that handles Northern Cook County, although I take whatever repair calls need to be handled, then last Thursday I went to a repair appointment in Lansing. The guy called because his oil furnace was not heating at all. The device appeared to have plenty of fuel. That is not a easily nice sign, because running out of fuel is a single of the largest troubles that can cause the oil furnace not to work. Other troubles are much more extravagant to fix. The guy was in the middle of nursing a baby when I knocked on the door. I saw 2 other adolescents in the kitchen & I heard voices of children in the study room as well. The guy clearly looks appreciate he had his hands full. I told his that I was there to repair the oil furnace, and after evaluating the oil furnace, I realized that he needed a brand new machine. It was strenuous to deliver this terrible news to the guy with several or more children running around the house.

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