Author: Paulina

I made a new friend at the dog park

On the weekends when I don’t have to work, I take my dog to the park. There are several nice dog parks in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I prefer to go to the park that is close to the water. There are more benches and places for people to sit. There are also obstacles for the […]

A big city with a small town feel

Living in the state of Washington is unlike anything else I have experienced. I have traveled a lot in my days, and lived in a handful of different countries. Once I set foot in Washington, for the first time in my life I felt like I was home. Partially this is because of the amazing […]

I live outside of Denver

Now that I am retired I can spend as much time as I want pursuing the best pictures. I am an amateur photographer, and have been for decades. Working a full time job and raising and family does not leave a lot of extra time for hobbies. I waited a long time to be able […]

Rocklin has a great climate for tent camping in the spring

There are places around the country that have a mediterranean climate. California is one of those places. There are areas in California where there are dry summer temperatures and mild, wet winters. Rocklin is one of those places with a mediterranean climate. The city is located just outside of Sacramento. Rocklin is a great place […]

I went fishing with the guys on my day off

On my day off work, I like to do something outdoors. I prefer to go fishing when I have good weather and a day all to myself. My girlfriend doesn’t prefer to go fishing, but we usually pick an outdoor activity. Sometimes we go hiking in the Park and sometimes we go mountain biking on […]