Author: Paulina

The weed in Denver is even better than the skiing

Max and I rented a modest little AirBnB in one of the downtown districts of Denver, so we would have easy access to bars, liquor stores, concert venues, and cannabis dispensaries Max and I were next door neighbors as children. We went to the same schools, played on the same little league teams, and were […]

When I retire, I want to stay in Portland

Being a long haul trucker allowed me the chance to see every part of America. I have logged hundreds of thousands of miles over the years, and driving through every state (except Hawaii) I have seen hundreds of towns. Now that I approach my retirement, I need to decide where it is that I want […]

Pot parties are now allowed in Muskegon.

Muskegon was issuing the license for the party, but they were going against their laws that clearly state you cannot use marijuana in public I was looking at some laws in our great city of Muskegon, MI. My friends and I heard that were now allowing pot parties, and we all cheered at the news. […]

I had so much fun on my Seattle trip

I know I’m a nerd, but when I heard about the guided tour of Grey’s Anatomy shooting locations, I couldn’t resist. I don’t live in the pacific northwest, or else I probably would have done it a long time ago. Instead I had to plan a whole vacation around the tour. I took time off […]

Some hazy memories from my trips to Illinois

A lot of my best memories come from Illinois, even though I never lived there. My folks originally come from Illinois, but they moved away when my mom was still pregnant with me. Some years later they took me back to visit. The first visit was boring, the second visit a little better, and by […]

Let’s get litty in Sin City

Besides, if a person does need to hide from their life for a few days, what better place to do it than Las Vegas? Before I found a place to stay I went to the liquor store, and then a cannabis dispensary. It was without a doubt the worst week of my life. My parents […]