Author: Paulina

Enjoying the city but glad we don’t live there

There are so many things you can do in Chicago. First, there is the Chicago Blackhawks. They are a professional hockey team that typically does good. Seeing a professional game is always a fun time. When you live in a colder area like Illinois, hockey is a bigger deal. There are also major league baseball […]

Had to relocate and I don’t mind it

My husband recently got promoted at work and had to relocate our family. He had a few options on where we could go. There were places down south, major cities and spots along the coast. The two of us ended up getting Libertyville Illinois. At first I was seriously bummed. I have lived in a […]

A wine tour in a different city

When I booked a plane ticket to California, the idea was to spend a few days sightseeing and do a wine tour. I told a few friends I was going to do a Napa Valley wine tour based out of San Francisco and everyone advised against it. Apparently the people associated with that are kind […]

Brother moved to Washington and the weather is better

When my brother graduated college he told the family he no longer wanted to live in New York. Our home state isn’t really great. Everything is expensive, restricted and the whole state is going to shambles. It also is just horrible weather wise. Basically all year long it is winter. New York winters are colder […]

My boss thought he was going to get lucky

During the day I work at a company that handles accounting for small businesses. I don’t have an accounting degree, but I still earn a decent amount of money. When my wife and I divorced, I had to pay child support and the mortgage on my old home. The San Francisco Bay home is really […]

Denver has the best cannabis dispensaries

Party responsibility in Denver, people, I cannot stress this enough! I myself rarely touch booze, because it hits me so hard, and also because Denver has more kinds of cannabis dispensaries then I could ever need. Does Denver have the best high altitude cannabis in America? Yes it does! Being the Mile High City is […]