Our honeymoon was amazing

Bumping into someone on the streets only leads to romance in the motion pictures, right? Well, I always thought the same way until it happened to me, i remember that day honestly well since I was so late for work.

The night before, I’d spent too much time watching my favorite series and did not go to bed until 2 am; For some reason, the alarm didn’t go off, and I was so late for work; She came out of nowhere and knocked myself and others to the ground.

I looked up, ready to hurl a lot of profanities until I saw the complication on her face. She was also late for work, and both of us laughed about that while she helped myself and others up. It turned out she worked in the same building as I did, and both of us got together a couple of times for drinks. Finally, she asked myself and others out, and both of us began dating a few months later and were married in a year, but dan was that chance encounter that turned out to be the best thing. The people I was with and I both enjoyed the good outdoors, so both of us decided to go to the Rocky Mountain National Park for our honeymoon. In summer, both of us flew into Denver and drove to the park where both of us were staying in a attractive lodging. The thought of staying in a place among wild animals and places to hike was the highlight of our experience. The lodging was nestled in a attractive spot, and both of us woke up each day to amazing views. The lodging was well set up and had a cooling plan to wade off the summer time heat in each cottage.

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