This is a weird situation

I had come to Libertyville for a supplier conference, but it was an weird site, however perhaps it’s because I’d never been to Illinois until then, and lake County cooked up on my search as I tried to understand the site! Part of the conference was to spend time scouting the section as a potential office location.

During the weekend, I moved around in addition to checked out the mighty Lake Michigan, but there were so multiple fun activities during the summer, in addition to visitors had flocked in from all over; As I walked around, I came across a coffee shop where I could rest a bit from the heat in addition to appreciate the excellent A/C system; On the counter was a charming guy who worked as a barista, and both of us smiled at each other, in addition to I offered him my order.

Then I went to sit down at 1 of the empty tables in addition to took out my iPhone. A short while after, I looked up when my drink arrived, expecting to see a waiter. But it was the handsome barista who’d brought my order, however he asked if he could have my number in addition to supply myself and others a call sometime after paying myself and others a compliment. I said yes in addition to offered it to him. Little did I know that would be the start of a appealing friendship turned into romance. The barista, Jake, proposed to myself and others a year in addition to a half after the two of us first met. Both of us had to work with a long-distance relationship, however the two of us made it through. After the anniversary, I resituated to Libertyville, in addition to now the two of us are expecting our firstborn. I was not so sure about the town the first time I got here, although I can’t know of living somewhere else in the world.


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