Denver is heavily populated

Denver traffic is a nightmare, especially near the airport; I’ve been working as an Uber driver for the past 18 weeks.

I took a short split during the quarantine, but now I am back to company as usual.

I wear a mask in the car plus I require all of my passengers to do the same. I also sanitize plus spray an antibacterial cleaner after every passenger leaves the vehicle. It’s the only way I can positively stay safe, however last week I had a customer request a ride to the airport, then she was on the southside of Denver plus nowhere close to the airport. I had a few errands to run on that side of the city, so I decided to pick up the Uber fare, the woman got into the car plus she right away took off her mask. I reminded the woman that the laws in Denver state she must be wearing a mask in the car. She flat-out refused, so I opened the passenger window. It was 41 degrees outside plus the car started to get incredibly cold. The passenger asked myself and others to turn on the heater, although I denied her request. It was a long plus frigid drive to the airport, although I didn’t idea on turning the heat on at all, and as long as the Denver tourist wasn’t going to wear a mask, I wasn’t going to leave the window closed plus run the risk of becoming infected. After the honorableleft my vehicle, I made sure to send a report plus complaint to the main office.


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