I didn’t think I wanted a cannabis dispensary in my city.

When the state first started talking about legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, I was nervous.

I could just imagine cannabis dispensaries popping up on street corners.

I also worried that you couldn’t go anywhere without smelling marijuana. I worried that if there was odor, there could be residual marijuana getting into my lungs. I fought to keep cannabis out of the state. Medical marijuana wasn’t going to be too bad, but if recreational marijuana was legalized, potheads would be running rampant in Albuquerque, NM and the rest of the state. The thing is that I didn’t care so much about medical marijuana laws being passed in Albuquerque, but I didn’t think recreational marijuana should also be passed. I didn’t want to see the downfall of civilization as vibrant men and women went into the cannabis dispensary that would soon be built on the corner of the street I lived on. I’m just not sure how long I can take watching that. I’ll be afraid to let my kids outside without my supervision and they are teenagers. I’ll be afraid that one of the solid citizens of Albuquerque, would come out of the marijuana dispensary a bit too high, and start on my child. Maybe I worried too much, because so far Albuquerque had stayed safe, but only time will tell. There is always that niggling doubt in my mind every time my kids go out the door to go to school. I hold my breath until I am sure they are in school. When I know it is time for them to come home, I once again begin to worry.


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