Living outside the city where we can thrive

When I got a task in Chicago I was entirely excited… I was ecstatic to be in a big city section where there are bars, eating establishments, shops & theaters, then when I started looking around for rentals I was just horrified by the costs… Thankfully I found a rental that was reasonably priced for a week.

I gotta try the city out & decide if the cost of an lake house was worth it.

It really was not. The section was loud, boisterous & could be startling at night. I started looking at areas outside of Chicago that I could live & commute to work. That is how I found Orland Park. It is a cute little section with a nice park, forest preserve, & hockey. The section is entirely pretty, quiet & quite cheap for me to live in, and now that I have lived a year in Orland, I don’t regret our decision! Everything would have been more expensive in the city & I wouldn’t have been able to buy a house. Now I have our own beach apartment & can take care of it without any worry, recently our Heating, Ventilation, & A/C plan died & I didn’t fear splitting the bank. I have our occasion of Heating, Ventilation, & A/C companies since I am close to the city but I wasn’t dealing with a high priced apartment. I needed to get both heating & cooling functions since Illinois does get highs & lows requiring it. The Winter weather can get in the 30s & the Summer weather gets hot. I prefer that I get both highs & lows though. It makes me prefer each season.

central air repair Orland Park Illinois