The cold weather keeps me indoors during winter

When it is absolutely cold and frigid outside, I hate to leave the house. The cold and frigid weather lasts a long time when you live in Denver, Colorado. My mom moved my family and I here in 1995. I have been living in Denver since then. I finished high school in Denver and I attended two years of Community College in Denver as well. I’ve been here for more than 20 years, but I still absolutely detest the cold weather. I prefer to stay inside of that house when the temperatures are lower than freezing. The best part about living in Denver is the legal marijuana laws. Marijuana is legal for everyone in Denver that is age 21 and older. There are a number of dispensaries in Denver and across Colorado. Many of the Denver dispensaries deliver for a small fee. A couple of the dispensaries don’t charge anything. I’ve found that the dispensaries with cheaper prices often charge a small fee, while the dispensaries with more expensive products will deliver for free. I don’t mind spending a couple of dollars for delivery, especially when there is ice and snow on the ground. I’d rather give a driver $10 than put $10 in my gas tank and drive across town. I often see the cannabis delivery service in the apartment building, so I doubt that I am the only person around here that hates to leave the house when it’s cold. One day I plan to move away from here, but not until cannabis is legal everywhere in the country.

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