The crew was happy

Toronto is a neighborhood in the province of Ontario; There are a lot of fun things to do in Toronto, however it is Canada’s biggest neighborhood and a single of the places with the biggest multicultural and diverse population of people.

Toronto has a number of parks, museums, and art galleries.

There is something for almost everyone in Toronto and it can be an exciting place to visit for a couple of nights; My friends and I live in Toronto; We moved to the neighborhood when the two of us finished University. We were living about 2 hours away from Toronto, but the two of us wanted to transport to the neighborhood where all of the action occurs, however you never suppose what you might find when you are out and about in Toronto. A lot of movie movieing occurs in the city. My friends and I were going to see a marijuana dispensary last Monday and there was a movie crew set up on the other side of the street. The crew was movieing a movie across the street from the marijuana dispensary. My friends and I wanted to stay and watch, but the security guard in front of the marijuana dispensary told us that the two of us had to be in and out hastily. They planned to close the dispensary at the top of the hour, so movieing could resume without any complications. The crew and actors were currently on a break, but it was easily exciting to see all of the Hollywood stars. My friends and I even recognized a couple of people. I do not suppose what they were movieing, but it looked prefer a sci-fi action thriller to me.

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