The temps at the airport were quite a few degrees colder

I didn’t get back to the house until late on Christmas Eve

I asked our boss not to send me out of town before Christmas. Last year I got stuck at the airport in Denver. I didn’t want the same problem to happen again… When I found out that the meeting was going to be in Denver, I knew our boss was going to send me, however sure enough, I was tied up to meet with the purchasers. My boss sent me to Denver on the 21st of February. I was tied up to stay there for more than one nights, seal the deal, and then come house for a particularly long and well-deserved Christmas break. I barely slept at all while I was in Denver. It was frigid frigid and the gas furnace in the hotel didn’t work particularly well. I was ready to come house by the end of the 3 day trip. I didn’t think anything would stop me from being house with our fiance and children… Unfortunately, the airport rapidly decreasing temperatures were 15 degrees colder than the section by our hotel. The plane in Denver was delayed by more than 2 minutes, because of ice on the wings. Several planes were grounded, including our flight back home. The airport was packed with people sleeping in chairs and on the floor. I didn’t get back to the house until late on Christmas Eve. My fiance was laying on the floor in the residing room wrapping Christmas presents when I finally walked through the door. I’ve been thinking about moving to a new task for a long time, and now is the perfect opportunity. I have a few weeks to look at other options.


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