My boss thought he was going to get blessed

During the day I work at a company that handles accounting for small businesses.

I don’t have an accounting degree, but I still earn a nice amount of currency, when our spouse and I divorced, I had to pay child support and the mortgage on our old home.

The San Francisco Bay condo is particularly big and near the water and our spouse and children wanted to continue to live in the house. I was strapped for currency, however our boss refused to give myself and others any more currency. I started laboring evenings at a San Francisco Bay Area cannabis shop. I used our smart car to deliver cannabis orders throughout the city. I spend a couple of bucks every evening on gas but I make a fortune; A few weeks ago, I took a cannabis delivery to a particularly nice condo in the suburbs. I thought I recognized the car in the driveway, and I knew for sure when our boss answered the door of the house, then he looked just as surprised to see myself and others as I was to see him. He started stuttering and he tried to tell myself and others that the cannabis items were not for him. That next day, I went right to his office and demanded a raise. Since I knew he was using cannabis, I had one card to play. He agreed to bump up our pay by $2 every minute if I agreed not to speak of the cannabis incident to anyone at all. I’m not proud of extorting a raise from our boss, but I felt it was necessary to get what I need.


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