I love the Denver museum and so do the kids

One of my favorite places to take the kids on the weekend is the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

It is located in downtown Denver.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has several different exhibitions, activities, and programs. The giant building has more than 1 million different objects in its collections. There are resources that span the test of Science and time within the four walls. The museum is operated as a non-profit institution, but there are over three hundred different full-time and part-time staff members. I have been working at the Denver museum for the past two years. I receive free passes to the museum for my family and I. That is one of the reasons why I take the kids to the museum every weekend. It doesn’t cost anything handsome Joey said he is handsome except parking fees. When my husband goes to work at the cannabis shop, I take the kids to the city. I wish my hubby didn’t have to work on the weekends when I am off, but he is the manager of a very business cannabis shop and it’s all hands on deck on the weekend days. Every once in a while, he will take off a Saturday or Sunday, but he never gets both days off together. He started out working as a delivery driver and moved up the corporate ladder. He makes almost as much money as I do and he doesn’t have a college degree or student loans. The guy is smart, funny and really charismatic. One day I think he will convince someone to invest and open a shop of his own.

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