I love the weather and the weed in Seattle

It is very common for people to move south as they get older.

The southern end of the country is warmer, with higher humidity, and virtually no change of ice and snow. I was actually born and raised in the south, and as I got older I realized I wanted to move north. I hate the high heat and humidity in the south, I truly hate it, so a lot of clouds and rain sounded right up my alley. After a few short stays in several small towns across the Pacific Northwest, I finally landed in Seattle, Washington, and after that I had found my true home. The weather in Seattle is not for everyone, but for me it is truly perfect. Last year there was some amount of rainfall on 145 different days, which is less than half but not a lot less. So yes, it does rain a lot in Seattle, but that is a part of what gives the city it’s unique character. I also believe that the heavy rainfall is part of what makes Seattle homegrown cannabis the best in the world. Maybe I am blind to it because of my love for Seattle, but the weed they grow around here is on another level. I have never been to Amsterdam, but I would be surprised if they have as high a caliber of cannabis as we do here in Seattle. Maybe smoking all that killer dope is what allows me to enjoy the Seattle weather so much? Since I’ll never move, I doubt I will ever find out.

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